Bramalea Tire offers the following tire services:

1. Tire Rotation

We rotate, check air pressure and even hand torque your wheel to the proper specification.

2. Tire Change-Over or Replacement

We have 5 modern tire changers so that our experienced staff can promptly service your needs.

3. Nitrogen

Nitrogen is available at customer request.

4. Wheel Balancing

Our knowledgeable and caring staff would love to balance your regular or custom wheels. We have 3 of the most modern balancers including: The Hoffman 2800p, The Hunter 9700 Road Force Balancer (For those special needs vibration issues, This high-tech piece of equipment has a roller which applies 1400 lbs of road force as the tire turns. This simulates the tire running on your vehicle and will allow us to match the tire in the right position on your rim to give the best results in ride quality. We will be able to backup the results with a computerized print out of the data if required). Last but not least we have our most modern piece of equipment; The Hunter SW32 with laser setup and weight saving technology. Call us today to get your wheels balanced 905-791-1881

5. Tire Repair

After finding the puncture and removing the tire from the rim, we thoroughly inspect the inside of the time for damage caused by running the tire low on pressure. Tire failure could happen if damage is not found when plugging your tire.
Secondly, we put a 3 ply radial patch on the inside of the tire which will last the life of the tire. Before remounting the tire, the rim is thoroughly cleaned and bead sealer is applied if needed. The tire and the rim assembly is then balanced to ensure a smooth ride before going back on your car.

6. Winter Tire Packages

It is a proven fact that winter tires give substantially more traction not only on ice and snow covered roads but also on days when the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius. The rubber compounds in all season and summer tires gets harder, giving substantially less traction than needed. The highly siped tread design and cold weather compounds of the new high-tech winter tires give much greater traction and safety for you and your family. At Bramalea Tire, we have low prices on major brand winter tires such as Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin, B.f. Goodrich, Uniroyal, Bridgestone, Firestone and Toyo Tires because we deal directly with the tire manufacturers. We also carry a good supply of new and takeoff OEM steel wheels at discount prices. If you want your winter wheels to look like your summer wheels, we can supply you with after-market or alloy wheels at a fraction of the cost. Just enter in your make and model of car or truck to get price and availability on everything in stock or call 1 of our experienced staff to find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

7. Custom Wheels

If you're wanting to make your vehicle look amazing with shiny new custom wheels then click on Wheels on our website. Search the numerous custom wheel websites to find that perfect set of wheels for your vehicle, then call one of our 3 customer wheel specialists to look after your every need.